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Globalism and the New World Order.  Mark Koernke from Michigan laid out the plans to use military, police and GANGS to be the enforcers to destroy America and bring about the new world order.  Understanding the Threat.  Who will be deployed against the American People?  Divide and Conquer…   Identifying enemy forces.  Learn how a military intelligence analyst cuts through the propaganda on the news to put the puzzle pieces together and so can you!  How the Nation will be divided up when the USA is destroyed.  Governor’s will be appointed by the NWO, not elected by the people. Fema Camps.  UN Armored Vehicles transported all over the United States in the 90’s.  How will they transport you to the detention centers??Separation of Men, Women and Children. Patriots, former Military and gun owners will not be released.  How do we Fight?  How this war will be fought.  Mark Koernke talks about supply shortages and empty shelves.  How they can kill your vehicle, how they can track your vehicle… Tracking Chips / RFID, Mark of the Beast… Who will they force the chip on first? When books are banned. How they track cash, even in your house! THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!
This was almost 30 years ago! Do you think he knows what he’s talking about…
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